Tired of internet radio stations that say they play EBM, but really don't? Not a fan of those dramatic goth anthems that somehow get lumped into the EBM world? When you hear bad trance with shit vocals, do you want to punch a hipster and light his man-purse on fire? If your answer to any of the above is yes, then you've come to the right place. Lessons In EBM is dedicated 100% to real EBM, from the original innovators to the more recent Anhalt revival, and everything in between. 

The name "Lessons In EBM" comes from a DJ mix of mine from 2008 which was recorded in response to lazy industrial club DJs who never beatmatched tracks or played a consistent set. A few years later I created and managed the EBM channel on Digitally Imported, where I hosted a monthly show - also called Lessons In EBM - focusing on industrial artist interviews and my own continuing EBM mixes. After my departure from DI.fm, I decided to turn this whole concept into a full-fledged online radio station, free from any corporate interests, and focused entirely on the art.

Lessons In EBM was created to provide the highest quality EBM and related music possible, through expert curation and a high quality, ad-free listening experience. I hope you enjoy your time here and if there's anything you want to hear or see just drop me a line.

Love & Respect,
Fabrik Nos


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